Latest VPN Technology

  • Game Acceleration
  • Transnational VOIP
  • Global Node
  • Premium Network

Annual plan 25% off

The average monthly payment is37MYR!!

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  • weixinpay
  • visa card
  • mastercard


Please note that the national firewall may block the VPN website. In order to facilitate users to purchase and log in, we will continue to introduce new official website addresses so that users can access without barriers.

New users open a 7-day free trial

After successful registration, login the website and immediately see that the 7-day trial account has taken effect

Only buy if you are satisfied with the trial, so that you can understand your consumption

  • Support multiple systems

    Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux

  • Devices unlimited

    Can be shared with friends

  • Access social media app

    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok

  • Equipped with multiple stable lines

    We attach great importance to your network and create a barrier-free dedicated line

  • Unblock streaming app

    Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney

  • Ultra low latency

    Experience games and browse foreign websites with a microsecond sense

  • VOIP

    Skype\WhatsApp communication and video

  • Perfect user center

    Easily purchase and manage data usage anytime, anywhere

According to your geographical location and requirement, select the highest speed network node

  • network nodes:
  • HK
  • USA
  • JP
  • Singapore
  • Germany
  • UAE

Open4kYouTube in seconds

100000+Kbps allows you to browse YouTube videos without restriction

Unlimited number of devices used

If you can't use it up, you can share it with your friends

Support iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux

Support all foreign APPs

Regardless of live broadcast APP, or chat social and game APP, stable and high-speed use, so that you can socialize without boundaries

Perfect user center

Login at any time to view data such as traffic details, remaining traffic, expiration date, etc., so that you can master it comfortably.

  • User background management includes the following information and operations:
  • All nodes in detail
  • Detailed tutorial
  • One-click subscription
  • Ticket service
  • Renewal or self-replacement of subscribed packages...

Absolute protection of privacy

We adopt a no-log policy and cannot record any browsing history and personal privacy. The transmitted data is highly encrypted by TLS, making you anonymous on the Internet.

Purchase process

Estimated 1 minute to complete initial purchase and setup

  • Register as a member

    You must register as a member before you can log in to the background to purchase.

  • Login and purchase a subscription package

    We provide different subscription packages, suitable for light-weight, heavy-duty and enterprise users

  • Download the client software

    View the usage tutorial in the user background, and download the client software you need according to the instructions.

  • One-click setup of all lines

    According to the instructions of the tutorial, subscribe once in the software, and immediately see all available network lines for you to choose and use. It is recommended to renew the subscription before each use.

Choose the right package

  • Annual plan
    • 200G /month

    • Speed5星

    • Devices unlimited

    $ 439 Annual 588MYR
  • Semi-annual plan
    • 100G /month

    • Speed5星

    • Device unlimited

    $ 239 Quarterly 294MYR
  • Monthly plan
    • 50G /month

    • Speed5星

    • Devices unlimited

    $ 49MYR Monthly

Up to 25% off for semi-annual and annual

The above are the prices of three packages, which are monthly, semi-annual and annual packages.


  • How many devices are supported at the same time?

    There is no limit to the use of equipment, and it can be shared with friends for common use

  • Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the use?

    We recommend that users try out our stability and speed first, and then purchase a subscription after they are satisfied. The line used will also be the line after purchase. However, after purchasing a subscription, more advanced lines will be unlocked for users to choose.

  • I have subscribed to the "Light" plan, if I want to switch to other premium plans such as "High Speed" plan, can I do that?

    When you find that the existing package traffic cannot meet your needs, why can you switch to different subscription packages at any time.

    You may purchase a different subscription at any time known as a Replacement Subscription. After replacing the subscription, if the current subscription still has remaining value, it will be converted to zero loss. The conversion method is as follows:

    2$ monthly refund 1$ for half a month

    After the change is successful, it will be replaced with a new subscription.

  • Will swordfishvpn keep my internet access private?

    Our company will never keep any browsing records, we use a no-log policy, and your privacy is absolutely safe.

  • With this accelerated VPN service, can I be anonymous on the web?

    Absolutely support, when you visit the website, your IP address will be hidden, and the intermediate data will be encrypted by TLS high-end encryption, TLS is an end-to-end encryption technology widely used in banking and financial systems on the Internet, no one can crack .