All new Swordfishvpn subscriptions are backed up with a 30-day* money-back guarantee. You are only eligible for a full refund on a new subscription if all of the following apply:

You claim for a refund within 30 days of your subscription date

Is not a one month account. (Note: To prevent abuse, one month account is backed up with 7-days money-back guarantee)

Your account has not already been suspended by Swordfishvpn for breach of any clause mentioned in the terms of service

You previously have not claimed a refund under this policy

You have not used Bitcoin, BitPay, Prefect Money, Coin Payments (Cryptocurrency) & Payment Wall as your payment method

If you are in compliance with the criteria mentioned above, then you are entitled to get a full refund. Send an email to [email protected] stating your VPN username and the reason for cancelling the subscription.