1. Purchase instructions

1.1 Each account corresponds to a unique port and service configuration information, the account is automatically opened through the background after payment.

1.2 iOS or certain platforms require the use of proprietary software, the software needs to be purchased by the user in the App Store to pay, this site does not guarantee that the provision or provision of effective.

1.3 This site and customer service staff do not accept software service guide, before purchasing, please be sure to know the purchase and use of the relevant software.

1.4 This site will adjust the node situation according to the network, including Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, the United States and other regions for the basic nodes.

1.5 Because the site currently provides a free trial before purchase, so all the products and services of this site do not accept any conditions of the refund request, including but not limited to slow speed, and my broadband does not match, my terminal can not be used, I can not download the relevant APP, I do not think it is good to use and so on.

2. Purchase Process

2.1 The first step: in the purchase of subscription to select the appropriate package, click Subscribe Now and then select the payment cycle to complete the order.

2.2 Step 2: Select the payment channel according to the page requirements, and complete the purchase after successful payment.

2.3 Step 3: Check the node and subscription configuration information on the home page or My Subscriptions.

2.4 Step 4: Configure the corresponding subscription file according to your environment and start using it.

3. Instructions for Use

3.1 Usage Restrictions

Except for enterprise customized services, all other subscription services are limited to personal use only, such as the user for a long time there are abnormal situations will be automatically detected by the system, and reported to the manual review and judgment to decide whether to suspend the service.

3.2 Subscription Issues

3.2.1 Subscription Period Subscription is divided into periodical and quantitative subscription. Periodic subscription will be reset on the expiration date (e.g., May 10th expiration date is the 10th of each month), and the amount of traffic will not be limited until the traffic is used up, and then the user will stop. When the current month's traffic is used up, you can purchase a reset traffic package to reset the current month's traffic, and the expiration time will not be increased.

3.2.2 Subscription discount

Subscription discount is based on a valid order within the validity period and will be calculated based on the amount paid for the order.

Purchasing the same subscription is a renewal and will extend the time on the original subscription. The purchase of a different subscription is a change of subscription After changing subscription, if the current subscription still has a residual value, the residual value will be discounted as follows:

By volume: $10 for 10G, $5 refund if 5G is used. By cycle: $10 per month, $5 refund if half a month is used.

The subscription will be changed to a new one after the change is successful.

3.3 Usage Problems

Due to the fact that the IP of the server room where some service providers are located is recognized by Google as an advertisement type of harm or other non-appealable reasons, it is required to repeatedly enter the human verification code to detect in the process of using the service. If this problem occurs, you can provide a single service provider to give us feedback, and this site will communicate with the provider to replace the server room or replace the IP at the first time, but there is no guarantee that the subsequent servers can completely correct this problem. Regarding the IP attribution problem, because some providers' IPs are broadcast IPs, which leads to errors in the display of domestic Baidu and other websites or errors in Google's recognition, which does not affect the use. We recommend checking the IP address at www.ipip.net. This site uses 1:1 traffic billing mode (except for the nodes specified), if you feel that the traffic consumption is too fast, you should check from the following aspects: whether you have turned on the proxy settings of the cell phone backup, such as iCloud, etc.? If yes, please check the settings; Whether to use proxy service in the router, if the proxy is deployed in the router and use the continental whitelisting or global mode, then all the devices under the network connected to the country and abroad may use the proxy and consume traffic, such as PT downloads in the NAS, game downloads in game consoles, watching part of the video on the TV, etc.; If there is no change in the use but there is a traffic If there is no change in usage but there is traffic fluctuation, then your subscription or node configuration information may be leaked, please reset your subscription information in the personal center in time.

4. Financial Notes

4.1 Payment-related

This site payment system access to third-party payment platforms, Alipay and WeChat is its docking cooperation payment interface.

4.2 Renewal

The site provides early renewal function.

4.3 Upgrade Traffic

If you find that your traffic is "insufficient" in the course of using the site, you can choose the option of "Reset Monthly Traffic" in the My Subscription section. After purchasing the reset package, the current month's traffic will be reset, but note that the expiration time will not be increased, and the price of the reset package is usually 70%-80% of the current subscription price.

4.3 AFF Referral Rewards

AFF Referral Rewards will be credited automatically to the commission 3 days after the user's successful invitation, and can be used for purchasing new services and renewals, and also supports cash withdrawals. When the total reward of AFF recommendation reaches $100, you can apply for cash withdrawal, please send a work order for cash withdrawal, we will process the cash withdrawal within 72 hours, please note that only USDT payment method is supported.

4.4 Refund

Please send a work order to apply for a refund.

5. Irresistible Factors

5.1 The service does not promise that all users can watch HD videos such as YouTube at any time, the same account in different provinces, different operators speed varies greatly.

5.2 The server is affected by international lines, there may be speed fluctuations, such as a few days or a cycle, the evening peak slow.

5.3 Encounter force majeure factors, including but not limited to earthquakes, fires, floods, various network attacks, etc., the site services may be affected, the situation when the site is responsible for the first time to strive for the restoration of services and inform the relevant information.

5.4 After the purchase can not be slow, not smooth, and other non-account itself to ask for a refund.

5.5 We have the right to stop the service at any time without refund if we are notified by the bandwidth provider, relevant regulatory agencies - including but not limited to participation in illegal business, illegal speech (including social media messages), participation in piracy (including BT/PT downloads), sending spam, etc.

5.6 All servers have the possibility of being blocked (IP blocking), in order for you and others to use, please do not spread the account node information in the open network, if found, the account will be deleted without refunds and without notice.

6.1 Personal Information Protection

All user registration information on this site are strictly confidential, e-mail as the only credentials of this site, please use the real e-mail registration. All registered user information, including passwords and IP addresses are stored in a confidential form on the server, any third party and individuals can not access, the site also guarantees that in any case will not provide this content. Site all servers (nodes) are not retained user behavior log information, including the review of each port to browse the corresponding URL and related content.

7. Customer Service Support

7.1 If you have any questions, you can send a work order.

7.2 This site after-sales service orders need to reply in the personal center background of the current service orders, e-mail only as a reminder, direct reply is invalid.

7.3 Related tutorials, notes and more detailed use of the specifications, please refer to the use of documents.